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Saxophone shop  Nicolas Trefeil vintage sax - Copie.jpg

" Woodwind Co."
   New York, 1918 - 1967

* The "Woodwind Co". was founded in 1918 by Walter Gemeinhardt.
* Located to 240 E, 86th St. New York city.
* Composed of the following members:
     - Walter Gemeinhardt, citizen of Germany
     - John Schmidt, ..........citizen of Czechoslovakia
     - Eugène Bercioux,.... citizen of France
* 19 March 1920: the firm patented the trade mark  "Steel Ebonite", a specially developed hard     rubber that is highly sensitive, durable as tough metal, not warping under extremely high 
    temperatures and which was continuously used by Eugène Bercioux since July 1910. 
    ( Patent n° 141,819)
*  The facings of woodwind mouthpieces are made with a special facing machine patented by
     Eugene Bercioux the 24 of April 1923. (Patent n° 1,452,953).
* 1926: The firm moves to 235 East  60th Street, new York.
      - The produced models are "Woodwind" and "Meliphone" chambers.
* 1928: The firm moves to 131 West 45th St. New York city.
* December 1935: New "Chester Hazlett" model.
* 1936: New "36 model.
* March 1937: New "Sparkle-Air" model
* 1950: The firm is sold to Ernest Deffner and is now located to 461 Eight
     Avenue, New york City 1, N. Y.,
*  In September of 1967 the firm was acquired by Leblanc Corporation.
  The tone chambers of Woodwind
    mouthpieces are designated
    by model names:
 *( 1918-1967) which has a large round type chamber
  design of  the 20's.
*(1920 - 1967)which has a clarinet type chamber.
*  (February 1934> )based on the Meliphone Special.
*  (1936> ) which his a medium large
      chamber design with a"powered chamber"and a
     "sensitized tip".
*  (Early 30's - 1934)
     based on the "Original Woodwind".
*  (December 1935 - 1944 )
     based on the Original Woodwind. 
*  (March 1937 - 1967)
     which has a medium round chamber offering more brilliance and 
     power than the old "Original Woodwind" or "36  design.


1941 WOODWIND Mouthpieces Dick Stabile Sparkle-Aire Chester Hazlett Meliphone Ad - Copie.J
"Original Woodwind" model. 
(1918 - 1967) 
*This mouthpiece was produced from 1918 to1967.
* It has 
a large round type chamber
  design of  the 20's.
Below: Alto and tenor model
The baritone model. 
This model was played by the famous Harry Carney.

Wooddwind Co  Nicolas Trefeil museum original  baritone mouthpiece.JPG

"Meliphone Special" model
(1920 - 1967)

* " The "Meliphone Special" model  was produced from 1920 to 1967.
*It has a clarinet type chamber with straight inner side walls and a big chamber.

*A special "Dick Dtabile" model was produced,
This was based on the Meliphone K5* model

Main détourée droite.png
Below: Alto, C melody and tenor sax models.
Below: typical box of the 40's.
Wooddwind Co  Nicolas Trefeil museum original tenor mouthpiece box.JPG

" Merle Johnston" model           

   (early 30's >1934)
* Available for alto and tenor sax.
* Based on the Original woodwind chamber.
* Only one tip opening for each instrument, as played by Merle Johnston.
* See also Merle Johnston Selmer model
Merle johnston woodwind steel ebonite mouthpiece alto.jpg
Capture tip op merle J.JPG
Woodwind Co  mouthpiece Merle Johnston Model Nicolas Trefeil.JPG
Do Something .mp3Merle Johnston saxophone quartet 1929
00:00 / 02:56

" Dick Stabile Special" model
(February 1934 > )

* Soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax and Bb clarinet.
* All models based on "Meliphone" steel ebonite stock model with straight inner side walls type chamber.
* The alto model was also played by the classical virtuoso Al Gallodoro.
* Only one tip opening for each mouthpieces as played by Dick Stabile himself.
Dick Stabile: (May 29, 1909 – September 18, 1980) was an American jazz saxophonist and bandleader
He was one of the great alto sax player of his time.
He was the only jazz musician to hit the top note of the saxophone, "an Octave and 2 Notes above the Scale - practically a range of 4 full octaves."
See web site Dick Stabile tribute by Bob Ferrari  :
Below: soprano, alto and tenor models
Dick Stabile Mouthpieces bec sax saxophone Nicolas Trefeil Woodwind co.JPG
Dick stabile baryton Woodwind Co Nicolas Trefeil mouthpiece bec.png
Above: Baritone model
ick Stabile tip openings.JPG
Wooddwind Co  Nicolas Trefeil museum Dick Stabile alto  sax mouthpiece.JPG
Copie de Copie de Copie de Copie de all.bmp
Dick Stabile clarinet Bb mouthpiec bec Nicolas Trefeil Woodwind Co.JPG
Later alto and tenor version without silver nickel ring on shank.
D.Stabile 1935.jpg
.Dick Stabile 1942
00:00 / 01:34

"36 model.

   (1936 > )
* Produced from1936.
* Based on the "Original woodwind" 

   It has a medium large chamber, called   
  "powered chamber" and a "sensitized tip".
Woodwind Co  mouthpiece Model 36 Nicolas Trefeil.JPG
" Chester Hazlett "model.
    (December 1935 -1944)

Alto and tenor sax, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet. 

* Based on the "Original Woodwind" model.
* Available only with one facing for each instrument, as played by Chester Hazlett himself.
Chester Hazlett was a famous sax and clarinet player  of the 20's and 30's , essentially known for his work with the Paul Whiteman band. He also advertised for King Super 20 saxophones in the 40's. The Chester Hazlett saxophone mouthpieces was designed to develop the "silvery mellow sax tone for which Hazlett was famous" and clarinet piece was "built to facilitate sub-tone playing".
alto sax saxophone mouthpiece Woodwind Co Chester Hazlett Nicolas Trefeil.jpg
Above: the alto model.
Below: tenor model
tenor sax saxophone mouthpiece  bec Woodwind Co Chester Hazlett Nicolas Trefeil.jpg
December  1935 woodwind hazlett mouthpiece Nicolas Trefeil.jpg
Tip opening hazlette mpc's.JPG
1936 woodwind Co mouthpiece bec Chester  Hazlett Nicolas Trefeil.jpg
Below:tenor large chamber.
CHester Hazlett mouthpiece Nicolas Trefeil museum.jpg
Below: alto large chamber.
Below:tenor '" Meliphone" type straight inner side wall chamber.
 Below: Chester Hazlett in 1935 with his alto Selmer Balanced Action, short bell and Steel Ebonite "Chester Hazlett" mouthpiece.
chester hazlett 1935  Mouthpiece saxophone Nicolas Trefeil Copie.jpg

"Sparkle - Aire" model.


    (March 1937 - 1967 )


The Woodwind Co. of New York introduced the Sparkle-Aire model in March 1937.
This new model was available for alto, tenor and baritone sax. 
The company has been working towards a model which increased the volume of the instrument without detracting from intonation and tone quality.
The new mouthpiece was carved from sensitive Steel Ebonite and changes where made in the tone chamber and mouth-rest in order to increase comfort and volume control.
sparkle air 1940.bmp
1941 WOODWIND Co. Sparkle-Aire Steel Ebonite Mouthpiece Master's Choice Ad - Copie.jpg
1937 woodwind steel Sparkle Air  Nicolas Trefeil.jpg
Sparkle air Woodwind Co MTR Mars 1937.jpg
1940 WOODWIND Co. Sparkle-Aire Steel Ebonite Dream of a Mouthpiece Supreme.jpg
1937 bennie bonnacio mpc - Copie.jpg

"Bonacio Custombilt": 

 By Woodwind  Company (New York)

  ( April 1937 > 1940 )

1937bennie bonnacio mpc.jpg

Bennie Bonacio.


Born : September 04, 1903 in Mineo, Italy.
Died : January 10, 1974 in Clearwater, Florida.

Bennie Bonacio played in the bands of Lou Gold, Rudy Vallee, Paul Whiteman, André Kostalanetz, Morton Gould, Percy Faith and others.




See also: Riffault Custombilt by Bonacio mpc

tableau Woodwind Bonacio .JPG

Leblanc Corp. /Woodwind.
 (1967 > )

Typical box for Woodwind mouthpiece marketed by Leblanc Corporation in the 60's / 70's.
Wooddwind Co  Nicolas Trefeil museum original tenor mouthpiece box leblanc after 1967 (2).
 the 1950 Woodwind Co catalog.
11 - Copie.jpg
woodwind Co catalog 1950 Page 1  -2  Nicolas Trefeil.jpg

Woodwind Co. 1962 catalog.

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