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Great players and famous teachers 

 special model mouthpieces of the past.

  1846 - 1980

Riffault, France:

 "Bennie Bonacio"  Custombilt model    (50's)

Born : September 04, 1903 in Mineo, Italy.
Died : January 10, 1974 in Clearwater, Florida.

Bennie Bonacio played in the bands of Lou Gold, Rudy Vallee, Paul Whiteman, André Kostalanetz, Morton Gould, Percy Faith and others.

Riffault used the same blank to make Couesnon Monopole mouthpieces.

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 Tip opening
Alto sax BB1
 Alto  sax BB2
 Alto sax BB3
 Alto sax BB4
 1,55 mm - 0.61 "