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Woodwind Co.
" Dick Stabile Special" model
(1934 > )

Wooddwind Co  Nicolas Trefeil museum Dick Stabile alto  sax mouthpiece.JPG
* Soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax and Bb clarinet.
* All models based on "Meliphone" steel ebonite stock model with straight inner side walls type chamber.
* The alto model was also played by the classical virtuoso Al Gallodoro.
* Only one tip opening for each mouthpieces as played by Dick Stabile himself.
Dick Stabile: (May 29, 1909 – September 18, 1980) was an American jazz saxophonist and bandleader
He was one of the great alto sax player of his time.
He was the only jazz musician to hit the top note of the saxophone, "an Octave and 2 Notes above the Scale - practically a range of 4 full octaves."
See web site Dick Stabile tribute by Bob Ferrari  :
Copie de Copie de Copie de Copie de all.bmp
Below: Soprano, alto and tenor models
Dick Stabile Mouthpieces bec sax saxophone Nicolas Trefeil Woodwind co.JPG
Dick stabile baryton Woodwind Co Nicolas Trefeil mouthpiece bec.png
Above: Baritone model
ick Stabile tip openings.JPG
Below: Bb clarinet model.
Dick Stabile clarinet Bb mouthpiec bec Nicolas Trefeil Woodwind Co.JPG
Later alto and tenor version without silver nickel ring on shank.
D.Stabile 1935.jpg
.Dick Stabile 1942
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