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Copie de lSelmer steel ebonite 27 mai 1939 melody maker 200 - Copie.bmp

  Paris     1910 -1975
  Elkhart 1927- 1956

  London 1939 -1951

Selmer Paris.
   ebonite mouthpiece.
    (1910 >1926)

Selmer soprano mouthpiece 1910 1926 Nicolas Trefeil.jpg
*  Made in France
* Old Selmer logo
* Available in only one tip opening only.
* Large chamber design
Selmer Paris.       
   wood mouthpiece.
   (1926 >1927 )             
Selmer alto wood mouthpiece Nicolas Trefeil (4).jpg
  * Made in France

* European market only. 

  * Available for sopranino, soprano, alto, C melody,
baritone, and bass saxophone.
   * New 1926 Selmer logo
   * These mouthpieces were made in Ebony or

  * Only available in one tip opening.
  * Large chamber design
Selmer alto wood mouthpiece Nicolas Trefeil (5).jpg
Johnston Selmer logo Janv 1935.JPG
Selmer - Elkhart.
  " Merle Johnston "model. 
(October 1934 > 1939)
* These fine mouthpieces were actually made in France by A.Lelandais for Selmer - New york.
* The line for saxophone was available in two facings, "M" and "Original" Merle Johnston personnal facing which was slighltly more open at the tip. than the "M" facing.
* The line for Bb clarinet were available in two tip opening only: " HS* " and "S" .
* First version of " Merle Johnston " mouthpiece appeared in 1934 and the line has been
    re-designed in 1936 with new tone chamber, facing and bore.
* From 1938 to 1939 it was only available in the "Original" Merle Johnston facing.
* On later models, numbers were embossed on side of mouthpiece, it is not a serial number but     facing lenght and tip opening.

      See this interesting page on Merle Johnston by Albert Haim:  Merle Johnston redux
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