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" The Trump Co."
   New York. (1937 -1940)

Trump New York.

"Chu Berry Special" model

(New York, 1937 > 1940)
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Chu Berry hand signed " Best Wishes Chu Berry Cab Calloway band "  CG Conn Special reed n° 3. From Larry Rafferty Collection.

Trump New York.

"Bud Freeman model"

(New York, 1937 > 1940)
Trump New York.

"Toots Mondello Special"model

(New York, 1937 > 1940)

Nunzio ("Toots") Mondello (August 14, 1911 - November 15, 1992) was an American swing jazz alto saxophonist.

Mondello played with Mal Hallett from 1927-1933 and also with Irving Aaronson's Commanders, Joe Haymes, and Buddy Rogers. In 1934-35 he played with the Benny Goodman Orchestra; he returned to play with Goodman in 1939-40, and in the interim did another stint with Haymes as well as with Ray Noble and Phil Harris. He did extensive work as a studio sideman, with Chick Bullock, Bunny Berigan, Miff Mole, Claude Thornhill, Larry Clinton, Teddy Wilson, Louis Armstrong (1938–39), Lionel Hampton, and the Metronome All-Stars. He also recorded as a leader between 1937 and 1939, doing two sessions with a big band, one with a nonet and one with a trio.

Mondello served in the military during World War II and then continued doing session work, remaining active into the 1970s. He and Goodman reconvened to record once more in 1967.

He also was a flutist, and studied with Harold Bennett for many years, also compiling a book of Mr. Bennett's finger exercises.

Trump New York.

"Hymie Shertzer" model

(New York, 1937 > 1940)

Herman "Hymie" Shertzer, also Hymie Schertzer , born 2 April, 1909 in New York city. died 22nd March, 1977 . was an American  saxophonist of the swing era with Benny Goodman orchestra.

Shertzer learned to play violin at 9 and then saxophone when he was 16 year old. From 1934 to 1938 he played with Benny Goodman who only got him at first because he  also played violin. He Also played at the Carnegie Hall concert . Near admissions with Goodman he played in the end of the 1930s with Billie Holiday / Teddy Wilson and with Lionel Hampton. He also played under is own name. In the  Goodman orchestra, he was not presented as a soloist , this honor was left to sax player Dave Matthew. Then he played a year with Tommy Dorsey, again from 1939 with Goodman till 1940, then again with Dorsey and in 1943/44 again with Goodman. Then he worked as a studio musician with NBC in New York city. He can be heard also In the soundtrack of the film "the Benny Goodman Story" (1955) .

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