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 Paris (1905 > present).
 mouthpieces pictures soon. In construction.

Vandoren Paris.

"Perfecta" model.


Available for:
*  Sopranino sax
*  Soprano sax
*  Alto sax
*  C melody tenor sax
*  Bb Tenor sax
*  Baritone sax 
*  Bass sax
Vandoren Perfecta 1938 Nicolas Trefeil .jpg
perfecta vandoren tip openings Nicolas Trefeil.JPG
     Vandoren Paris:
  " Vincent .J. Abato " model  
     ( alto sax only)
     (US market only)
Vincent Joseph Abato (known to his friends as "Jimmy") was born on January 21, 1919 in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania. He began playing clarinet at age 7, initially studying with his older brother, Tony Abato. At age 9, he entered the Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore, Maryland studying clarinet with Gilbert Stange. He moved to New York City at age 17 to study clarinet with Jan Williams at the Julliard School of Music in New York City.
Abato specialized on clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone. Highlights of his busy career include performances under Artur Rodzinski and Leopold Stokowski and appearances with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Boston Pops, New York Philharmonic, Hollywood Bowl and other orchestras. No stranger to the recording field, he performed with Percy Faith, Morton Gould, Andre Kostelanetz and others. He premiered the Paul Creston Saxophone Concerto with the New York Philharmonic in 1944. Teachings commitments included Columbia Teachers College, Hofstra University, Juilliard and Brooklyn College. His later years were spent as bass clarinetist and saxophonist with the New York Metropolitan Opera.  see the web site tribute to Vincent j Abato .
Vandoren Vincent Abato.jpg
Capture abato tip opening Nicolas Trefeil.JPG
Vandoren Paris.
New "Tonal Focus" model.
October 1959 >
Vandoren Tonal Focus  MM 31 oct 1959 B.jpg
Vandoren Paris.
"S" Special jazz model.

(1969 > )

vandoren 1969 - Copie.jpg
Tip opening alto S jazz model Vandoren Nicolas Trefeil.JPG
Tip opening tenor S jazz model Vandoren Nicolas Trefeil.JPG
Vandoren Paris.
  New " Soul " tenor sax model -
77 and 99
(October 1971>)
Vandoren Paris.
* New  "A"      alto sax model
* New " T "     tenor sax model
* New " B"      baritone sax model

    ( October1971>)
 * serie 100 recommanded for classical, symphonic.
 * serie 101 recommanded for classical, dance music.
 * serie 110 recommanded for dance music, jazz etc.
Tip opening A model Vandoren.JPG
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