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Saxophone shop  Nicolas Trefeil vintage sax - Copie.jpg
" Chester Hazlett "model.
    (December 1935 -1944)

Alto and tenor sax, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet. 

* Based on the "Original Woodwind" model.
* Available only with one facing for each instrument, as played by Chester Hazlett himself.
Below: tenor model
alto sax saxophone mouthpiece Woodwind Co Chester Hazlett Nicolas Trefeil.jpg
Above: the alto model.
tenor sax saxophone mouthpiece  bec Woodwind Co Chester Hazlett Nicolas Trefeil.jpg
December  1935 woodwind hazlett mouthpiece Nicolas Trefeil.jpg
Below: alto large chamber.
Below:tenor large chamber.
Below:tenor '" Meliphone" type straight inner side wall chamber.
Tip opening hazlette mpc's.JPG
 Below: Chester Hazlett in 1935 with his alto Selmer Balanced Action, short bell and Steel Ebonite "Chester Hazlett" mouthpiece.
chester hazlett 1935  Mouthpiece saxophone Nicolas Trefeil Copie.jpg
1936 woodwind Co mouthpiece bec Chester  Hazlett Nicolas Trefeil.jpg
CHester Hazlett mouthpiece Nicolas Trefeil museum.jpg
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