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Great players and famous teachers 

 special model mouthpieces of the past.

  1846 - 1980 


Woodwind Company (New York) : 

  " Chester Hazlett "model. 

     Alto and tenor sax, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet. 

     (December1935 >1944)

    Below: tenor model

      Below: alto model

To the right : Chester Hazlett in 1935 with his alto Selmer Balanced Action, short bell and Steel Ebonite "Chester Hazlett" mouthpiece.


Chester Hazlett was a famous sax and clarinet player  of the 20's and 30's , essentially known for his work with the Paul Whiteman band. He also advertised for King Super 20 saxophones in the 40's. The Chester Hazlett saxophone mouthpieces was designed to develop the "silvery mellow sax tone for which Hazlett was famous" and clarinet piece was "built to facilitate sub-tone playing".

 Tip opening
 Chester Hazlett  Bb Clarinet facing
 1,09 mm - 0,429"
Chester Hazlett alto facing
 1,55 mm - 0,61 "
 Chester Hazlett tenor facing
 1,63  / 1,69 mm - 0,64" / 0,67 "

           Below: tenor: large chamber model

          Below: tenor: "Meliphone" chamber                    model with straight inner side walls.

              Below: alto large chamber.