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  1846 - 1980 

Trump / Swing Club serie.

1595 Broadway, Dept. H  New York: New York:

" Hymie Shertzer " model (alto sax)  (1937-1940)
      (modeled after personnal Shertzer Otto Link Reso Chamber n°4 )          

Herman "Hymie" Shertzer, also Hymie Schertzer , born 2 April, 1909 in New York city. died 22nd March, 1977 . was an American  saxophonist of the swing era with Benny Goodman orchestra.

Shertzer learned to play violin at 9 and then saxophone when he was 16 year old. From 1934 to 1938 he played with Benny Goodman who only got him at first because he  also played violin. He Also played at the Carnegie Hall concert . Near admissions with Goodman he played in the end of the 1930s with Billie Holiday / Teddy Wilson and with Lionel Hampton. He also played under is own name. In the  Goodman orchestra, he was not presented as a soloist , this honor was left to sax player Dave Matthew. Then he played a year with Tommy Dorsey, again from 1939 with Goodman till 1940, then again with Dorsey and in 1943/44 again with Goodman. Then he worked as a studio musician with NBC in New York city. He can be heard also In the soundtrack of the film "the Benny Goodman Story" (1955) .


   Below: first version late 30's


       At right:

        chamber inside view.

        Large chamber type.

Below: second version, 40's

 Ouverture en mm
 Tip opening inches
  1,62 mm
  0,63 "

  Below:  Hymie Shertzer in Benny Goodman big band sax section