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Great players and famous teachers 

 special model mouthpieces of the past.

  1846 - 1980 

 Selmer London, UK.
   Joe Crossman " model.  

* Marketed by Selmer United Kingdom for the British market only.
* Made in " Super steel vulcanite" hard rubber.

* Also available in solid rubber with the famous silver lay
    originally designed by Ben Davis.

* Liberty Silver collar to prevent cracking.   

* Hand adjusted facing.
Based on the "Meliphone"  blank, a design created by Eugene Bercioux 
   and used by "Steel Ebonite" ( a trade mark used by E.Bercioux since 
   1910)Woodwind Co New York.

 * Soprano, alto, Cmelody, tenor, baritone, bass sax and Bb clarinet. 

         (1934 - 1939)

          Below: Joe Crossman tenor model

Meliphone chamber  ( clarinet type chamber ) for alto sax and large chamber for tenor sax. Distributed only by

Selmer England.

Joe Crossman was a famous british alto sax solist of the 30's. He played with Ambassy club of London in the early 20's , then join Bert Ambrose Orchestra in 1927 as first alto . Later in 1930 played also as first alto solist with Lew Stone and Jack Hylton  bands. Then in 1940 he has playing with Maurice Winnick orch. He also wrote several articles about saxophone tips and playing for Melody Maker in the early 30's.

Joe Crossman played this mouthpiece with a Selmer "Super" alto sax.

See this interesting page about J.Crossman by Nick Dellow

Ouverture en mm 
 Tip opening inches
Alto  short lay -  close tip
Alto medium lay - close tip
 Alto medium lay - medium tip
( 1938 Joe Crossman personnal facing)
 1,23 mm
 0.48 "
 Alto short lay - open  tip
 1,52 mm
 Alto medium lay  - open tip 
( 1934 Joe Crossman personnal facing)
    1,52 mm   
 Alto long lay - open tip
 Tenor short lay - open tip
 1,46 mm
 0.57 "


         Below: Joe Crossman alto model



 Joe Crossman with his Selmer "Super" alto sax and  "Joe Crossman"   mouthpiece.


Joe Crossman wth a Balanced Action Selmer and "Joe Crossamn " mpc.