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  1846 - 1980 

Otto Link New York :

  " Babe Russin" B.R. Improved Tone Master


       (Own Babe Russin personnal mouthpiece)

       (1946) Tenor sax only.

Irving "Babe" Russin (June 18, 1911 - August 4, 1984) was a tenor saxophone player.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Russin played with some of the best known jazz bands of the

 1930s and 1940s, including Benny GoodmanTommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller. He led his 

own band briefly in the early 1940s. He solos in the recording the Glenn Miller band made of


Jerry Gray's composition, "A String of Pearls" for Bluebird Records in 1941. In 1950, Russin 

was credited as a musician with the backup band on two Frank Sinatra songs for Columbia 

records, "Should I?" and "You Do Something To Me".  He co-wrote the instrumental "All the

 Things You Ain't" with Jimmy Dorsey which was released as a V-Disc 78 single, No. 391B, in

 March, 1945. In 1953 he appeared briefly in the 1953 Universal-International movie The 

Glenn Miller Story.

Russin plays on the soundtrack to the 1954 Warner Bros. Judy Garland movie A Star Is Born

playing "Cheating On Me" with a small group. He also appeared in the 1956 Universal-

International movie The Benny Goodman Story.


 Tip opening
Babe Rusin tenor model
   2,12 mm - 0,83 "
Body and Soul by Babe Russin and the Paul Weston orchestra, 1956.

The 1946 Otto Link Improved Tone Master B.R. model was made  by Otto Link only for Babe Rusin himself. He played from 1940 on an Otto Link Tone Master Hawkins Special.   

 He also played on a Bob Dukoff Hollywood mouthpiece in 1946.

Babe Russin had a very nice mellow tone, elegant vibrato, and swinging punchy tone on fast tempo and always played on  a 10M Conn tenor sax.