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Great players and famous teachers 

 special model mouthpieces of the past.

  1846 - 1980 

 Lafleur London (British market only):

   " Benny Carter "model. 

            ( alto and tenor sax)  (1935)

            (based on personnal Benny Carter Otto                       Link Four Star mouthpiece). 

* Alto and tenor  mouthpieces was available in silver plated brass or hard rubber.

* 2 facing lenghts available:  "A" type: normal facing and "B" type : short facings,  and 4   distinct tip openings.

 Tip opening
Alto n° 1 Close
  1,48 mm- 0,58"
 Alto n° 2 Medium
 Alto n° 3 Open
 Alto n° 4 Very open
 Tenor n° 1 Close
 Tenor n° 2 Medium
 Tenor n° 3 Open
  1,50 mm - 0,59 "
 Tenor n° 4 Very open


 Benny Carter holding his Pennsylvania

 ( Keilwerth made) Special" Benny Carter"   Saxophone fitted with "Benny  Carter" model mouthpiece.


Below: tenor model