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  1846 - 1980 

Bob Dukoff Hollywood:

  "Charlie Ventura" special B.D        Vibrametal model  

   ( May 1941> )


     tenor sax only

Charlie Ventura (born Charles Venturo; December 2, 1916 – January 17, 1992) was a tenor saxophonist and bandleader from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ventura had his first taste of success working with Gene Krupa and in 1945 he won the Down Beat readers' poll in the tenor saxophone division.[1][2] In the late 1940s he led several popular groups and went on to be known for his "bop for the people," with vocalists Jackie Cain, and Roy Kral.

After the early 1950s he only made a few recordings. His first was the debut album for Gene Norman's GNP Crescendo label (GNPD No. 1) recorded live in concert in Los Angeles. In Las Vegas. he worked with Jackie Gleason. Ventura was the featured soloist on four Gleason-produced albums: "Riff Jazz" (1958), on which he played the alto, tenor, and bass saxophones; "Silk and Brass" (1965); "A Taste of Brass for Lovers Only" (1967); and, ten years after the release of "Riff Jazz", he played on the 1968 "Doublin' in Brass" album.

Charlie Ventura died in Pleasantville, New Jersey at the age of 75, of lung cancer.

 Tip opening
Tenor sax model
 2,30 mm - 0,90 "


    Bob Dukoff  C.V special medium     chamber inside   view.