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Great players and famous teachers 

 special model mouthpieces of the past.

  1846 - 1980 

  Selmer Elkhart Indiana:

   " Andy Jacobson " model. 

                 Alto and tenor sax.   (1936 >1939)


Below: tenor model

Andrew "Andy" Jacobson from Boston Mass. Formerly with the John Philip Sous band  from 1921 to 1927  then  Leo Reisman,  Jacques Renard orchestras. He later devoted his time to teaching, conducting and playing with his own orchestra, on some radio programs. Jacobson is credited with originating the idea of playing lead sax parts on tenor instead of alto.

* Made in USA

* Available only for alto and teno saxophone.

* Only one tip opening available.

* Made in hard rubber

* Tone chamber "made as exterior - glassy smooth. Free from

    obstruction and sharp corners"

* Designed "to obtain a tone of robust firmness in ALL registers".

 Ouverture en mm
 Tip opening inches
 1,90 mm

                                                  Below: alto sax model